These Terms and Conditions establish the terms of reservation and rental of the real estate (real estate/property) located in the municipality of Jeziorowskie under the number 16, Kruklanki Gmina, which is the subject of rental by Centrum Prawa Żywnościowego A.Szymecka-Wesołowska, D.Szostek sp.j. (Landlord), ul. Wiejska 17/6, 00-480 Warsaw, entered in the register of entrepreneurs under the NIP taxpayer identification number: 9512361131, to the Tenant.

§ 1. Reservation and down payment

  1. The Landlord offers the service of short-term rental of the real estate located at the address of Jeziorowskie 16 to individual clients and organised groups of clients in accordance with the effective prices and the conditions presented online at
  2. Reservation or rental is equivalent to acknowledgement and approval of the Terms and Conditions.
  3. The short-term rental agreement is considered as concluded upon completion of reservation/rental.
  4. Reservation/rental is conditioned by a down payment covering 100% of the costs for the time of rental chosen by the Tenant – in accordance with the reservation system or arrangements established by e-mail.
  5. Reservations can be made through the reservation system available at, by calling the telephone number 606107400, and by e-mail at the address of
  6. If the reservation is cancelled no later than 91 days before the date of arrival, said cancellation is free of charge. The Landlord undertakes to return 50% of the down payment within 21 days.
  7. If the reservation is cancelled within 90 days before the date of arrival, the down payment turns into an earnest payment and is not subject to return. Cancellations within said time entail loss of the full down payment.
  8. The court appropriate to settle potential disputes is the court of competent subject matter jurisdiction in Warsaw.
  9. The Landlord reserves the right to refuse admission of a guest who:
    a) does not have a valid identification document (i.e. identification card or passport)
    b) refuses to present said document,
    c) is under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants,
    d) violated the provisions of the Terms and Conditions during a previous stay.
  10. The Tenant’s data is processed in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

§ 2. Terms of use

  1. The rental day starts on 2:00 pm and continues until 11:00 am of the following day.
  2. The Landlord is authorised to collect a refundable deposit of PLN 1500 on the day of arrival.
  3. On the day of departure, the Tenant must release the real estate by 11:00 am or be charged with the price for another day.
  4. If the Tenant should shorten the visit, the Tenant is not entitled to return of an already made payment.
  5. There is no smoking or use of other intoxicants within the real estate (this applies to buildings). For violation of the aforementioned, the Tenant undertakes to pay an extra charge in amount of PLN 2000.
  6. Smoking within the real estate is permitted in designated locations outside of the buildings.
  7. There is no use of open fire in non-designated spaces within the real estate and its premises, no leaving unsupervised open flame, no use of irons, ovens, or heating devices other than those constituting equipment of the real estate, as well as no use of other devices producing a potential risk of fire.
  8. The Tenant undertakes to promptly report all damage or defects in real estate equipment or watercraft to the Landlord.
  9. Pets are accepted only if they are reported and arranged in advance.
  10. The premises of the rented real estate are subject to curfew between 10:00 pm and 07:00 am.
  11. In the event of police intervention, the Landlord shall charge the Tenant with an extra fee of PLN 1500 (fifteen hundred PLN).
  12. If the Tenant should persistently violate peace, curfew, or moral rights of the neighbours and fail to obey commonly accepted standards of social coexistence, the Landlord reserves the right to terminate the rental agreement. In the aforementioned situation, the
  13. Landlord is not obliged to return the funds for the outstanding time of stay.
  14. Users of the grill, fireplace, and campfire undertake to clean up afterwards. Firewood for the campfire or fireplace is included in the price of rental.
  15. The Tenant undertakes to sort and fraction waste in accordance with the markings on the trash bins indoors and in the waste storage location.
  16. The number of people staying on the premises at night cannot exceed the number provided at reservation.
  17. The guests undertake to appropriately secure the real estate, i.e. lock all entrance doors and windows before leaving the premises every time and keep the keys/codes/remote controls from unauthorised access.
  18. The Landlord is not liable for damaged or misplaced valuables left inside the real estate.
  19. The owner is not responsible for transitional inconveniences produced by independent provides due to e.g. temporary water, power, internet, television outages.
  20. Only the guests reported by the Tenant are permitted to reside within the premises of the real estate; residence of children and minors up to 18 years old is permitted only under adult supervision. Non-guests invited to the premises by guests must leave the premises by 10:00 pm and cannot stay for the night without approval of the Tenant. Guests who invited such individuals are fully responsible for them, including their obedience of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions.
  21. The Tenant is permitted to park cars and other vehicles with weight up to 2.5 t within the premises. Parking within the premises is free of charge and unsupervised. Guests park their vehicles within the premises without establishing agreements covering storage of said vehicles and belongings or money left inside them and without establishing any other similar agreements. The Landlord is not liable for damage, destruction, or loss of said vehicles or the belongings left inside them.
  22. The Tenant holds full material liability for all damage or destruction of equipment and technology within the premises produced at fault of the Tenant or visitors. The Tenant undertakes to be charged with the costs of repair or damage removal for destruction identified after releasing the premises.
    In the event of not being able to arrive within the arranged time, the Tenant undertakes to inform the Landlord of the aforementioned by telephone.
  23. Check in and check out are conducted in the presence of an authorised representative of the Landlord.
    The price of rental does not include TPL insurance. The Landlord is not liable for injuries, losses, and property damage (damage to the health and property of a third party) throughout the stay.
  24. Access to the lake and activities in shallow water and on the pier fall under the exclusive responsibility of the Tenant. The swimming area is unsupervised. The Tenant is responsible for the safety of the Tenant and that of all minors.
  25. Use of the available watercraft (e.g. kayaks, SUP boards, sailboat, etc.) by the Tenant falls under the exclusive responsibility of the Tenant. The Landlord does not verify the skills and authorisations of the Tenant in scope of watercraft use.
  26. The Tenant undertakes to obey the terms and conditions of using the sauna (if such is available).
    End cleaning is included in the price of stay.
  27. All extra cleaning services requested specifically by the Tenant are subject to a charge of PLN 350. This price includes a change of bedding and towels.
  28. Charges for utilities provided by the Landlord are included in the price of stay.
    In the event of stay exceeding 7 days, the bedding and towels can be changed once every week upon request of the Tenant at no extra charge.
  29. The Tenant is held materially liable for all damage/theft during the stay.
    All concerns or requests concerning the stay should be directed to the telephone number 606107400 between 10:00 am and 9:00 pm.

§ 3. Payments

  1. All accommodation prices are listed online at and are gross prices in PLN (the prices include VAT). The price listed upon the Tenant’s placement of order binds both parties.
  2. The Tenant can choose from the following forms of payment:
  • traditional transfer – payment before rental. Upon placement of the order, the Tenant should promptly pay/transfer the due amount to the bank account listed in the order;
  • payment through the system – payment following reservation before rental of the real estate. After placing the reservation, the Tenant should make the payment through the Przelewy24 system. Rental takes effect upon registration of the Tenant’s payment in the Przelewy24 payment system.
  • The Tenant undertakes to make the payment within 3 days of conclusion of the rental agreement. If the Tenant should fail to make the payment within the aforementioned time, then – pursuant to art. 491 § 1 of the Civil Code (Journal of Laws 2017.459, consolidated text as amended) – the Landlord shall establish extra time for the Tenant to make the payment. If said extra time expires to no effect, the Landlord shall be authorised to withdraw from the Agreement. If the Tenant should refuse to make the payment in question, the Landlord shall be authorised to withdraw from the Agreement without establishing extra time, even before the established payment deadline.

3. The entity providing electronic payment services is PayPro Spółka Akcyjna with its registered seat in Poznań at the address of ul. Kanclerska 15, 60-327 Poznań, entered in the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register of the Regional Court for Poznań Nowe Miasto and Wilda, VIII Commercial Division of the National Court Register, under the number KRS 0000347935, NIP (taxpayer identification number) 7792369887, with share capital of PLN 4 500 000.00 paid in full, national payment institution pursuant to the law of 19 August 2011 on payment services, entered in the payment service register under the number IP24/2014. The payment service activity is supervised by the Financial Supervision Committee.

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