The house is located in the municipality of Jeziorowskie (Kruklanki Gmina, Giżycko Poviat) and offers direct access to Lake Gołdopiwo. It is composed of two parts (approx. 750 m2 in total) connected from the side of the inner patio. It can accommodate up to 30 people (with optional extra beds). All rooms/apartments are equipped with hair dryers, kettles, mugs, coffee makers. Our guests also have access to a game room for children (with toys, books, games, armchairs, tables, Playstation) inside a separate building, which can be accessed from the patio. You have an ironing board, iron, washer, refrigerator, dishwasher, and TV at your disposal.

The living space includes five independent (separate entrances) apartments with multiple rooms and two independent rooms. This makes the house an ideal place to relax, at any time of the year, for several friendly families or a group of friends.

The unique shore and private jetty give the place charm.

Apartment no. 1
(upper floor, 2 rooms, bathroom, terrace). The first section includes a pass-through room with two single beds, which leads to the double door to the bedroom (perfect for couples). The bedroom has leisure space with a couch and coffee table. The bedroom balcony offers a view of the patio. The apartment also has a bathroom with a free-standing bathtub, two washbasins, shower, bidet, and lavatory.

Room no. 2
This room has its own lavatory and washbasin, a king-size bed, and a view of the lake. The bathroom (shower, washbasin, lavatory) is in the hall next to the room.

Room no. 3
This room has a king-size bed and a view of the patio. The bathroom (shower, washbasin, lavatory) is in the hall next to the room.

Apartment 4
(upper floor, 3 rooms, bathroom, terrace). The apartment includes a room with two king-size beds and balcony with a view of the patio, bathroom with lavatory and shower, pass-through room with couch, and master bedroom with two king-size beds. The apartment also has an additional maintenance room.

Apartment 5
(ground floor, 4 rooms, bathroom, kitchenette).
Includes the following:
– hall,
– living room (with a view of the patio)
– 3 bedrooms (1: king-size bed, child’s crib – view of the lake; 2: two king-size beds – view of the lake, desk; 1: single bed)
– kitchenette and small maintenance room
– bathroom with shower, lavatory, and bidet.

Apartment 6
(upper floor, 3 rooms, bathroom, terrace)
Includes three bedrooms (sleeper sofa, one single bed, king-size bed) located en suite, crowned with a large, semi-circular window with a view of the garden and lake. The apartment has a spacious bathroom (shower, adult washbasin, children’s washbasin, WC, and bidet).

Apartment 7
(ground floor, 3 rooms, bathroom, kitchen)
The apartment includes a hall, bathroom (king-size bed and single bed), living room with couch, coffee table, armchair, TV, fireplace. The living room is connected to the kitchen (fully functional kitchen). Bathroom (shower, lavatory, bidet, washbasin). The apartment has a maintenance room (washer, ironing board), which can be adapted for an extra bedroom.

sala kominkowa - dom na Mazurach wynajem

The second section houses the fireplace room with a pool table, couches, table, fireplace, TV, and audio system. This is the perfect place for leisure, an evening by the fireplace.
Next to the fireplace room is the reading room, where you can enjoy a quiet read.

We also have a kitchen for our guests (oven, dishwasher, refrigerator, two sinks). There is a spacious dining room by the kitchen. The dining room windows offer o view of the garden and lake. There is a sheltered veranda with two tables for 10 people located by the dining room. This is the perfect place for a feast.

Additionally, by the fire, guests will find a large banquet table for 20 people.

The house offers:
– 6 dedicated parking spaces (the property has room for more cars)
– campfire and grilling site (sheltered fire pit) surrounded with wooden benches
– separate watercraft and water sports equipment building
– separate building with games room for children
– leisure areas by the lakeshore (hammocks, benches, couches on the shore)
– private pier
Access to the lake is unique: the stairs on the slope combine the area in front of the house with the observation terrace and the beach and pier.

exclusive pier


campfire and grilling site

water sports

pets are welcome

games room

you cook yourself

fish, fish

30+ people

we have bicycles

nearby forest

skiing in the wintertime

Kayaks are mandatory in Jeziorowskie16. If you get tired of rowing, you can always read a book in one of the bays, visit the restaurant in Kruklanki, or take a trip down the Sapina River (which can lead you to other great Masurian lakes).

If you crave physical exercise and adventure in water, you can take advantage of our watercraft. You can greet the new day on the peaceful morning lake or bid it farewell as you navigate towards the setting sun.

Thanks to the location on the lakeshore, you can take full advantage of undisturbed advantages of water – there is a private pier with leisure space, a designated pool for children, a friendly shore with a hammock, and quiet green areas.

We have bicycles, which you can use to travel the dozens of kilometres of cycling routes around the lakes and forests. We highly recommend the route around Lake Gołdopiwo (18 km) and – for the advanced cyclist – the route through the Borek Forest and its surroundings.

This is the perfect place for a campfire with your friends or family. We have a safe fire pit on a stone base surrounded with comfortable feasting areas, table, access to firewood, and a big brick grill – all with a view of the lake.

Masuria also has forests and we have a special one – the Borek Forest. This is a true primeval forest, full of swamps, creeks, lakes, and hills – dominated by deciduous trees and home to the European bison (we recommend a visit to Wolisko), elk, bobcat, and wolf.

It’s not important whether your life is slow or fast – what is important is whom you spend it with. We offer the perfect conditions to celebrate and take full advantage of life. You can organise a family gathering or a vacation for all your friends. You have the room and means for preparing a feast.

You can organise yoga workshops, slow life classes, a meditation retreat – the surroundings offer the perfect conditions for such inactivity. Meditation on a foggy lakeshore, yoga on the pier at dusk or dawn – you will find it here.

The winter here is beautiful with the frozen lakes and the forests and fields covered with snow. There are great cross-country and even downhill skiing runs (slopes and lifts in Gołdap). After the winter fun, you can enjoy a glass of mulled wine by the large fireplace or a campfire by the lake.

The prices cover the entire house (up to 30 guests) and include the following: watercraft and paddleboat rental, firewood, parking, housekeeping charges afterwards, electrical power and water/heating, bedding and towels, internet access.

Jeziorowskie 16
11-612 Kruklanki


+48 606 107 400


telefon+48606 107 400